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JMurmel is a lightweight JVM-based interpreter/ compiler for Murmel, a Lisp dialect inspired by a subset of Common Lisp.

Download JMurmel 1.4.6 to try it out - GETTING STARTED.txt has all the steps needed. Or try the Murmel Online REPL to run a REPL in your browser.

See CHANGES for changes to previous versions.

See Murmel 1.4.6 Language reference for info about the core language, and see Murmel's default library documentation.

See the JMurmel Github Repo for source code, more information and sample code.

Some screenshots:

Text session defining and using a macro:

screenshot of a Murmel text session

JMurmel as an inferior Lisp in Emacs (use C-M-x to eval Murmel-S-expressions):

screenshot of an emacs session

JMurmel does bitmap graphics:

screenshot of a Julia set

JMurmel does turtle graphics as well:

screenshot of a fern generated by an L-system screenshot of a twindragon generated by an L-system

See JMurmel Github Repo for more...

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